Camerata Alma Viva, “the Living Soul”

Formed in 2009 in Geneva, Camerata Alma Viva started mainly with String Quartet students of Gabor Takacs, playing standing up and without conductor. Since then, the group has developed its own sound, philosophy and identity, and has become more and more international. After numerous concerts in France, Spain, Switzerland, the UK and with players of 9 different nationalities, Came- rata Alma Viva has now become the only UK based string ensemble of its size.

Camerata Alma Viva uses revolutionary rehearsal techniques inspired by Quartet Techniques, Qi- gong, Meditation, Theatre Coaching, Breathing, Improvisation, Bio-Accoustical Resonance. This original method of work has been developed and improved over the years and is absolutely unique on the international scene. It gives Camerata Alma Viva a very distinctive and unique quality of communication onstage, and a flexibility and improvisative freedom rarely achieved by a group of this size.

Every performance of Camerata Alma Viva is thought of as an original sensorial experience for the listener rather than just a concert. It is a strong belief of the group that music is a very natural thing that anyone, trained or not, should be able to approach and enjoy.

Camerata Alma Viva is constantly working on breaking the barriers of the traditional concert, by playing the pieces in different settings, sometime playing from around, behind or even within the audience, singing or improvising during the concerts, encouraging spontaneous audiences reac- tions like clapping anytime they feel, creating original compositions to link different pieces together, adding poetry, dance or painting.

Their 2016/17 season includes a residency in Spain, concerts in Switzerland, a collaboration with the cellist and improvisator Matthew Barley and a brand new version of Cosi fan Tutte at Bury Court with Paul Wingfield and the Jette Parker rising stars. Their ongoing collaboration with the Gandini Juggling Company on the show 4x4 Ephemeral Achitectures is currently touring France, Germany and Russia after its UK premiere at the Covent Garden’s Lindbury Theater in 2015.

Earlier this year, Camerata Alma Viva reinvented the 4 Seasons in a daring collaboration with the Jazz pianist Bruno Heinen at Kings Place. Their “Changing of the Seasons” album will be released on Babel Label next January.