Pre-Release of the "Changing of the Seasons" Album

1st Half: Bruno Heinen Solo

2nd Half: Bruno Heinen/Camerata Alma Viva

The dynamic ensemble Camerata Alma Viva and renowned jazz pianist/composer Bruno Heinen have embarked on a daring new collaboration. They have recorded their take on one of the most recognisable and oft-performed works in all classical music. Heinen’s Four Seasons is a completely new composition.
Rather than an arrangement of the Vivaldi, Heinen attempts to answer the question posed to him by the Camerata: If Vivaldi were alive today, what might a new Four Seasons sound like? Heinen explores a written and improvised language somewhere between jazz and impressionism to attempt an answer. With influences from the historically-informed performance practice (emphasising the baroque spirit of freedom and transparency) and the language of modern jazz piano improvisation.

The Four Seasons, as one normally hears it, is a programmatic work, with the music depicting nature through sound, featuring thematic passages intertwined with improvisatory moments. Respect for the spirit of the piece is at the centre of the exciting new project, where a new perspective and free improvisation will enlighten and enrich each movement’s meaning, depth and essence.

They will be launching the album tonight with a solo set from Heinen in the first half and their Changing of the Seasons in the second.